Olivia Chow

Olivia Chow Interview – Special Olympics Athletes Fun Day

Interview with Olivia Chow on May 1st, 2014

It is a great honour and privilege to be part of this celebration – this fabulous fun day. And I salute the Turkish Society of Canada for organizing this wonderful event. It is the perfect thing for International Youth and Children’s Day.

I have a very special interest in the Special Olympics.

My beautiful niece, Erin Layton, is a Special Olympian. She is a very proud member of a great team – the Etobicoke Energy! We are so fortunate to have such a dynamic Special Olympic movement here in Toronto.

Erin loves participating in a number of summer track and field events – she does long jump, shot put and running. Through her involvement and participation, Erin has gained a sense of achievement and pride. She has gained confidence. She has gained physical strength. She has developed teamwork.

And most of all, she loves it – she loves it! And she lives that great motto — `Let me win. But if I don`t win. Let me be brave in my attempt.` She always reminds us of that message – she gives me and our family great encouragement…

A day like this is a gift of joy – for the athletes and their families. It enriches all our lives – and it enriches our community, our city, our country and our world.

Thank you all so much.