Politikacılardan 23 Nisan Mesajları

16 Nisan 2016 tarihinde yaptığımız 23 Nisan kutlamaları etkinliğimize katılan politikacılar ile ve büyükelçimiz ile sevgili gönüllümüz Sezin Atasoy etkinlik sırasında söyleşiler gerçekleştirdi. Sizlerle aşağıda paylaşıyoruz:


Erdeniz SEN, T.C. Toronto Başkonsolosu:

“Bugun cok onemli bir gun, butun dunyada bir lider tarafindan, bir devlet adami tarafindan cocuklara armagan edilmis bir gun, 23 Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik ve Cocuk Bayrami. Burada Toronto’da en onemli meydan olan Nathan Phillips Meydani’da, guzel bir gunde, guzel bir toplulukla birlikte olmak cok guzel. Burada sadece Turk cocuklari degil, Toronto’da yasayan cok sayida ulusun, grubun cocuklari da buradalar. Boyle bir organizasyonu yaptigi icin TSC’ya, gonullulerine tesekkur ediyorum. Ben ilk kez bu etkinlige katiliyorum, ama bunun artik burada bir landmark etkinlik oldugunu biliyorum. Her sene insanlar Nisan gelse de Nathan Phillips’te yine 23 Nisan’i kutlasak diyorlar, bugun hava da bize cok yardimci oldu, cok guzel. Insallah guzel bir kutlama olacak..”


Denzil Minnan-Wong, Toronto Deputy Mayor:

“I’d like to congratulate the Turkish Society for organizing this International Children’s Day, it aims at the child, and a special day that children have. This is a very nice celebration here at Nathan Phillips Square that the Turkish Society is putting on. Turkish Society has such a great love for children; it is that I think what they are known for..”

JUDY SYGRO 5 (Small)

Judy Sgro, MP:

“Well, I’ll start by congratulating all of the organizers that have put this together today. But how wonderful this is to be able to celebrate children. Children are all of what makes the world go around, children are Canada’s future, Turkey’s future, world’s future. So being able to come celebrate International Children’s Day in Canada is a wonderful cultural value that’s now part of our multiculturalism days, recognizing the contributions of everyone. So thrilled to be here, This is probably my third or forth year that I’ve been attending and I am now Chair of Canada Turkey Parliamentary Group in Ottawa, so it is extra special..

We are very glad that you are living in Canada; one of the best countries in the world. We all so appreciate the fact that you want to bring a part of your heritage and your culture and share with all of us. And as we are doing today, we all get a chance to enjoy the wonderful culture of Turkey and certainly many of us are visiting Turkey and have got to know it very well..”


Bob Delaney, MPP:

“I think this century, this 21st century, this is very much the century of young people. This is a century at which kids who know more than one language and more than one culture, are going to be the ones who are going to drive prosperity in this world, is going to mean being able to live and to work everywhere, to be able to get along with people everywhere in the world. And there are few communities – if any – that focus on their children and their youth to the extent that are lovely Turkish Community does now and always has! International Children’s Day originated in Turkey and the rest of the world just saw a good idea and simply adopted it. I managed to be here every year that we’ve had it, I haven’t missed one yet, I have no intention of and my friend Marilyn here is just a sensation and he loves the kids as well!

How proud we are to have Turkish Canadians among us! You are our best neighbors; you are the people that we buy from, and sell to, the ones that we sit beside on the train who work side by side with us. Turkish Canadians are a part of our Canadian fabric, they are helping build our provinces, our communities, and our country, and while doing so maintain their fierce pride in their Turkish heritage. I’m really hoping this year that I can finally get over and see Turkey firsthand. A Turkish show with Irish music! How much better this would get!

Iqra Khalid (Small)

Iqra Khalid, MP:

This is such a phenomenal event, this sun is shining, there are so many people here, the cultures are diverse and everybody is working together, playing together, it is fantastic! I really think that the cultural society is a huge shout-out for doing this event, it is so important and so necessary to promote and to celebrate the diversity of Canada, these kind of things really help us to become one and to work always together as a nation and when we work together, we are stronger for it. So thank you very very much to the organizers for doing this.

Kids, play hard because, oh, it only gets harder as you grow up!

Our children are our future of the country, future of our world, I think we really need to celebrate them. And on top of it, we really need to show them the different cultures so that they will remember and they will accept and they will celebrate how diverse the world is, so event like this are so important because children get to experience the different cultures.

Jennifer French1a (Small)

Jennifer French, MPP:

Before being an MPP I was a teacher and so I know that when we talk about the children who are our future and the leaders of tomorrow, I know that that’s true but I also know how important it is to realize that they are leading today, and that if; the politicians and the community leaders were to stop and listen and learn from the children who are today’s leaders who would have a kinder, better, fairer community. Children should continue to use their voice, to share their message because they are designing our future right now and I have total faith in our children and everyday should be International Children’s Day, imagine the world of possibilities if that were true.

I think that this is a beautiful day both in terms of the weather and but also in terms of the community and the sense of shared optimism and I really appreciate a festival like this, the opportunity to celebrate our children. When you look at an event like this, it’s also all of the hands behind the scenes and I would like to thank you to not just the Turkish Society of Canada but everybody connected to that, who had their care, commitment and investment in this, much appreciated.


Robert Oliphant, MPP:

All children whether they are Turkish-Canadian or any sort of Canadian is that their world, I hope, is a world of peace, a world of prosperity and that every opportunity that they need they should have – and so children’s safety, encouragement, and pride are something we have to foster. This past week we had a day where we were talking about bullying, it was the day of pink. And I think that one of the most important thing for children is to have a sense of self-confidence, a sense of worth – no matter where they are from, what color they are, what ethnicity they are, what language their parents spoke at home, but they have pride in that and they grow up strong and independent and thoughtful Canadians.

I simply congratulate the Turkish Society of Canada for not only what they are doing today, obviously Sovereignty & Children’s Day is an international festival and we are doing that as a great opportunity to gather – but all through out the year there are events that Turkish Society of Canada is involved in, and we look forward to them growing and being a greater part of the multicultural fabric of this country.

Carol Chan3 (Small)

Carol Chen, Councillor:

“Education is everything, it is the most important thing and we need to collaborate in education right now for our future because new generation is our future. So if everybody insists to work together they are going to build a world of means to our generation to make it better so our future will be perfect. But this is not easy, as Canada is a multicultural country. I do know this because I am an immigrant too.  I lived in different countries with many heritages and diversities. In Canada, we try our best to accommodate the individual culture needs. This is why, as a school board, we try to accommodate different diversities and work together in education.

Today is a wonderful day, we are celebrating International Children’s Day, l learn from you all – I saw all the community tables – a wonderful idea representing our country’s cultures, diversities and how we accommodate every each of them and also show that we are together as one.

I really appreciate all these efforts and the organizers for doing this. I’ve also noticed; how lovely to see the young generation here, this is how the ideas will grow together. This should not just be celebrated in Toronto but all across the nation. A wonderful idea!”

Gurpreet Dhillon3 (Small)

Gurpreet Dhillon, Councillor:

“I thank the organization today, for the Turkish Community and the City of Toronto for putting this together. If you look on the stage you’ll see countries’ flags from all over and that truly be a spirit of the Turkish people that ‘you know what, we are there, we are one people’. We want to embrace, so I really appreciate that. My message to kids, get in involved in your community, be part of your community, be active and be part of the global community because children are our greatest asset and what we are doing today is celebrating them, I can ‘t thank everyone enough for putting this event on.

Turkish Canadian Community is a thriving and a vibrant one, especially in the City of Brampton, they’ve contributed so much and made Brampton so great, we went from 200,000 to 600,000 and it’s because of the contributions from those Turkish Canadians that made us so great. So I appreciate them and thank them for all of their work.”