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Turkish Society of Canada’s monthly newsletter Telve’s publishing rules and principles

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Telve is an online electronic newsletter prepared and published by the Turkish Society of Canada Association (TSC). The purpose of Telve is to inform Turkish Society in Canada about TSC’s cultural, educational, arts, sports and social activities and provide useful information to readers through scientific articles.

Telve’s publishing language is Turkish and English; it is published on a monthly basis or at intervals deemed appropriate by TSC Board of Directors. In the future TSC Board of Directors may decide to publish Telve in other languages.

The purpose of the publication of Telve:

  • Increasing visibility of Turkish Society in Canada, promoting Turkey and the Turkish culture in the best way possible, in line with the vision and objectives of TSC.
  • Establishing an objective communication platform to share opinions, thoughts and knowledge of TSC and the Turkish Community in Canada and to create unity among our community members and develop solidarity.
  • Helping newcomers in Canada to adapt Canada’s life, work, education, economic, legal and other social issues to inform and to facilitate their adaptation to Canada.
  • Announcing TSC’s activities which were organized in order to establish social solidarity in our society, improve information and knowledge sharing and announcing the association’s activities to a wider audience.
  • As an online magazine; ensuring that the studies and social, scientific activities of Turkish Society in Canada are heard in Turkey, Canada and other countries in order to increase communication and sharing knowledge with them.

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