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Turkish Society of Canada

Turkish Society of Canada (TSC) is a not-for-profit organization that was founded in September 7th 2006 with 26 founding members. The number of the members is continuously growing. The main objectives of the TSC are to increase support in the Turkish Community; to create visibility of the Turkish Community in Canada; to organize cultural, social and artistic activities for the Turkish Community members; to represent the Turkish Community and Culture in Canada the best way possible. Since its creation, the organization has been consistently organizing events and activities aligned with its foundation goals. In addition, the TSC has been partnering with other like minded organizations to hold major events and sponsor conferences and exhibitions.

Telve is the monthly newsletter of the TSC and is published with the continuous support from community members. All the current and past issues can be accessed through here.

For more information about upcoming events and membership, please visit our events page or feel free to email us at info@turkishcanada.org. If you would like to promote a cultural activity or suggest events that you would like to see, please let us know!

To download our by-laws, please click here.

To download our objectives, please click here.

Board Members

TSC Board of Members 2018-2019
Rüçhan Akkök – President
Meylin Günel – Vice President (Event Planning)
İrem Cam – Treasurer
Tülin Enbatan – Secretary
Emel İşçan Demir – Director, Membership
Meral Altınada – Director, Communications
Nalan Gökgöz – Director, Resources & Logistics
Vedat Abacıoğlu – Director, Public Relations
Yeşim Yörük -Director, Media and Website Support (Technology Services)

Reserve members
Nermin Kahramanoğlu – Event Support

Auditors (for 2018)
Meral Atabay
Ertuğrul Alp
TSC Yönetim Kurulu 2018-2019
Rüçhan Akkök – Başkan
Meylin Günel – Başkan Yardımcısı – (Etkinlik Planlama)
İrem Çam – Sayman
Tülin Enbatan – Sekreter
Emel İşçan Demir – Direktör, Üyelik İşlemleri
Meral Altınada – Direktör, İletişim
Nalan Gökgöz – Direktör, Kaynak & Lojistik
Vedat Abacıoğlu – Direktör, Halkla İlişkiler
Yeşim Yörük -Direktör, Sosyal Medya ve Web Sitesi Destek (Teknoloji Servisleri)

Yedek üyeler
Nermin Kahramanoğlu – Etkinlik Destek

Denetçiler (2018 senesi için)
Meral Atabay
Ertuğrul Alp

TSC Board of Members 2016-2017
Nalan Gökgöz – President
Cenk Sayın – Vice-President
Cihat Enbatan – Treasurer
Emir Taşçıoğlu – Secretary
Rüçhan Akkök – Director, Social Networking & Info Correspondence
Meral Altinada – Director, Communication
Meylin Günel – Director, Event Development
Cansu Meriçer – Director, Membership
Yeşim Yörük – Director, Social Media and Website Support

Reserve Members
Yılmaz Çam – IT Support
Erdem Erinç – Communications Support

Erdem Denizkusu
Meral Atabay

TSC Yönetim Kurulu 2016-2017
Nalan Gökgöz – Başkan
Cenk Sayın – Başkan Yardımcısı
Cihat Enbatan – Sayman
Emir Taşçıoğlu – Sekreter
Rüçhan Akkök – Direktör, Sosyal Bağlantılar & “Info” Yazışmalar
Meral Altinada – Direktör, İletişim
Meylin Günel – Direktör, Etkinlik Geliştirme
Cansu Meriçer – Direktör, Üyelik İşlemleri
Yeşim Yörük – Direktör, Sosyal Medya ve Web Sitesi Destek

Yedek üyeler
Yılmaz Çam – Bilgi Teknolojileri Destek
Erdem Erinç – İletişim Destek

Erdem Denizkusu
Meral Atabay