Terms and Conditions

Management and Preparing Telve for publication:

Telve is managed by an editorial board which is composed of an Editor, two Turkish text editors, an English text editor and a technical editor. The editor is responsible for the magazine’s general affairs and other members are responsible for preparing the publication. Telve’s Editorial Board members are chosen by TSC Board Members and if the Board’s Members deem necessary, they may make changes in member numbers and responsibilities.

Prepared for the purposes mentioned above, the journal’s contents are created by Editorial Board and the draft copy of Telve is submitted to the Board of Directors for their approval. After corrections and changes required by the Board of Directors are completed, Telve is approved for publication and the final form of the magazine is sent to the technical editor for publishing.

Ethical Responsibility of Texts and Articles

Articles of Telve’s ethical, scientific and legal responsibility belong to the author. TSC and Telve’s Editorial Board cannot be held responsible for the content of articles.
Telve is prepared by volunteer editors and authors. Therefore, copyright fees shall not be paid to the author or author’s representative institution for articles published in Telve. TSC may share the columns and articles published in Telve on TSC website and social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter , Linkedin , etc.). Authors, organizations and legal entities that submitting articles shall be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

The articles sent to Telve should represent the author’s own opinions and / or books and other sources should be indicated which were used by the author. The articles which excerpts information from other resources deliberately or unwittingly and do not specify the source of the information will be considered as “plagiarised” and going forward, none of the articles sent to the Telve by the offending author will be published. Entries must comply with the general rules of ethics and morality and respectful of individual rights. Derogatory and incriminating statements for people, institutions, group or country disparaging should not be used. Also articles should not contain any political or religious opinions, thoughts, review and messages.

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