Terms and Conditions

Publishing and Delivery Terms of Text and Articles

The articles submitted for publication is examined by the Editorial Board before the publication of Telve. Telve Editorial Board has the authority to send articles back to its author that do not meet publication requirements or edit the articles or not publish.

  • Articles by the respective authors and organizations should be sent through electronic mail (email) to Editorial Board e-mail address which is stated in Telve. Articles and columns should be written in MS Word format. The pictures, graphics and photographs should be all named separately and the files should be sent as jpg ( .gif, etc.).
  • The authors who send their first articles should also add examples of their previous work published in different magazines if any, so that they illustrate their writing style clearly. In addition, new authors’ short bio and the contact details should be added to the bottom of the article.
  •  The articles of the authors, who want to be a columnist in Telve will be published in 3 separate issues and after determining the content and writing style of the columnist and Telve Editorial Board will decide if the author is suitable to be a full-time columnist.
  • Interviews or interview type articles require prior approval of the Telve Editorial Board. Interviews will not be published which were prepared with using the name of Telve without approval.
  • Telve reader comments/ letters on the articles will not be accepted. Readers may communicate directly with the author via e-mail.


Turkish Society of Canada
5100 Erin Mills Parkway, PO Box 53060
Mississauga, Ontario L5M 5H7
Web: www.turkishcanada.org
E-Mail : telve@turkishcanada.org

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